Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving BEFORE Thanksgiving

I remember hearing the adults in my life say….

“Wow, it’s already the holidays? This year went by so fast.”

I remember thinking they were all nuts.

So fast? Those years moved at a snails pace, I had school, music programs, field day and then summer. There was ballet, swim practice and annoying my siblings. I had months to get in trouble, mounds of homework and a whole library of books to read.

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I mean my birthday was in July and I felt every single day of that. The holidays were not here too quickly.

If anything, “It was ‘bout time.”

Now I am in my *cough*early *cough* late 30’s and I am looking at next week feeling like it wasn’t that long ago when last year came and flew by. So I know I better enjoy the relaxation I have right now, because it’s going to get blissfully hectic. I have a house to clean, a college kid coming to town, a set of folks coming up from Texas to visit and a Thanksgiving dinner with 18 people at Dave’s parents house. (Yes… the two sets of parents are meeting for longer than ½ an hour. It’s a BIG deal!) (Dave and his nephew last Thankgsgiving)

To welcome my folks into town I plan on:

· Putting themed flowers next to the bed to liven up the room.
· A new runner for the bedside tables
· Fresh water and glasses next to the bed to drink as well as a few snacks
· Flavored creamer for coffee
· Smell good Recipe (Recipe from

1 pkg. pickling spice

1 pkg. whole cloves

1 pkg. stick cinnamon

1 jar apple juice

Put in crockpot. Fill to top with water. Bring to boil, put on simmer. Last 2 to 6 weeks.

However, before all of that, before the laundry gets the best of me, before I start worrying about the Cowboys lineup and my kids forget what the holidays are about (because I’m sure my teens just associate it with stress), I am going to sit down with them and watch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”, drink hot cocoa and eat some kettle corn. I am going to share the spirit of Thanksgiving with my toddlers just like I did years ago with my older kids.

The true spirit of Thanksgiving is being with the ones you love, and giving Thanks for each and every one of them.

Oh…. And football.

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Amy @ said...

I find that the holidays leave me a bit stressed and not as thankful as they probably should. I love the idea of slowing down AHEAD of time. I always say things will calm down AFTER, but after, the spirit is forgotten. Thanks for the great idea!