Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Day Leo Said, " I HATE YOU" - Book Review

We have all had bad days! Y’know the ones I’m talking about.

*Wake up late

*Kids don’t want to get up

*Get to work late

*Spill your coffee on your computer

*Hear the words, “No”, “Don’t do that”, “Re-do this” over 1000 times a day

And all of that is BEFORE lunch!

We get into the car, turn up the music and scream at the top of our lungs until we are hoarse. Sometimes it’s the only outlet.

Now, imagine you are a kid.

Your bad days starts with:

*Parent yelling because they woke up late

*School is cold and you forgot your coat

*Your friends chose to play basketball instead of kickball

*You get home and still have no release, so you try to kick the ball at the brick wall attached to the house.

*”NO” is yelled out the window, you try to play airplane in the house “NO”, And heaven forbid if you scream without abandon.

So…. Do you blame them when they scream out? Have you ever heard your child yell, “I HATE YOU?”

It’s a painful thing to hear, you know they don’t mean it, but despite your emotions with it… imagine how they feel.

The Day Leo said I Hate You by Robie H. Harris

This is a great book. When I sat down with my kids and read it to them, I yelled, I let the kids yell with me. I am hoping that by reading this book they learn that even when we say things out of anger, or being hurt, I will still love them, even when I don’t love what they say.
There is a way to fix what is said… Sorry can heal many wounds!

Book information:

The moment those dreaded words?"I hate you!"?pop out of a young child's mouth, almost every child wishes they had never been said. In The Day Leo Said, "I Hate You!" (Little, Brown), now available in paperback, renowned author Robie H. Harris shows how strong but perfectly normal feelings like anger and frustration can lead to such outbursts, and how one child and his mother successfully deal with those feelings and ultimately reaffirm their love for each other. In a few short pages and in a caring and reassuring manner, Harris and three-time Caldecott Honor illustrator Molly Bang convey some big emotional truths about the inner lives of young children.

(I recieved a copy of this book to review, that did not sway my opinion.)

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