Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shout - Go Play!!

I am a messy eater.

No, that was not my toddler typing in my place, I am horrible with eating and if I don’t wear a bib, I’m wearing it!

So the other day, I came back from work with a sweet tooth that attacked with a vengeance. My daughter pulled out the pretzels and I got the peanut butter and then the yummy dark chocolate syrup. See… told you… it took a hold of me and I went nuts.

Then it happened…..

My new shirt, 4 days old….. yellowish, cute as heck…. Was suddenly spotted like a dalmation.


Then I REMEMBERED I had some Shout to try out… this had to work right?

It was saturated with Shout Advanced

I washed it.

I hoped…

Look at it now?

Are you a believer? I am…. I have one in each bathroom and one by the washer… because you never know when the sweet tooth monster might attack!

We as parents don't have time to wait for something to work, we have to have faith in things to come out the first time so we have time for things like this.

Shout doesnt want the thought of tough stains to hold you and your family back, with stain fighting power and versatlity of Shout, you can treat stains whenever and wherever they happen.

Growing Tree Toys is partnering with SC Johnson's Shout for their new Go Play initiative. They are trying to encourage kids and adults to go out and play, which is fundamental to positive cognitive development, it is how children learn to problem solve and master the art of conflict resolution.

Want to "like"them on Facebook? They are holding a Go Play Sweepstakes and offering a 200$ gift card to Growing Tree Toys every week. To Enter visit the Shout Facebook page.

I was offered product for this review, from Shout, though it did not change my opinion at all, as you can tell, I was sold the first time I used it!

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