Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Living in Colorado means DAY TRIP!!

Dave and I love to do day trips. Every so often we have a weekend where we have no kids and on those weekends we usually decide to have an adventure.

Our last day trip was taken to The Garden of the Gods (about an hour from Denver) and then to the Royal Gorge (about 4 hours from Denver). We ended up getting halfway through the Garden of the Gods before we ventured off onto Rampart Range and found the back way to Canon City by way of Phantom Canyon.

The best day trips?
*Take the back roads
*Have good music
*Put the windows down
*Only go with people who love random roads and don't mind talking for hours.
*Take tons of photos and make a movie using Picasa

Oh... Hey... what's this? Yeppers.. My Nikon and I had a TON of fun on this trip... and now for your viewing pleasure!
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Lori said...

Wow, those pictures are awesome! Looks like you had an amazing day trip.

We met at Barb's event last year at Water2Wine. Good to meet a fellow Coloradan blogger.