Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Loveable Labels BlogHer'10 Getaway Contest

I met this mom blogger at random in downtown Denver when we were at a function two years ago.

I met her again when we ended up having a mutual friend.

I moved three minutes away from her without knowing it in August of last year.

We were destined to be friends.

We have dinner parties together, drive to gatherings with one another and enjoy each other’s families.

Two weeks ago, I saw her in a new light when I had the honor of watching her interact with her autistic son during one of his frustrated fits.

He wanted to enjoy his day after school on the slide and feel the Colorado sunshine greeting him. I had come in the middle and messed up his schedule, all he wanted was to play on the playground.

He screamed, he raged in the only way he knew how. We got into the car and he was angry, confused and wanting things to be normal again. Who was the strange lady in the car? Why can’t he play?

I watched my friends demeanor relax, I listened to her calm tone and logical words when she spoke with her son. She seemed to emit a calming energy to him without controlling him.

I got to see the magic of being a mother no matter what obstacles you have in your way. We adapt, we grow, we become superheroes, sometimes only in the eyes of the children who love us.

So… here is my appreciation to my friend Laura. She is mother to five children; two sets of twins and a teenager. She is a loving wife to her husband and an advocate for son. Laura has found a way to hold onto her son and protect him without losing sight of her daughters.

Why is Laura my friend? Why does she deserve a trip to New York? She’s a super hero!

There aren’t many women in my life that I can say keep up with a work load like she does, and a trip to BlogHer 2010 is exactly what we need for a Girl’s City Getaway!

“This blog post was written as part of a contest for Loveable Labels BlogHer ’10 Getaway Contest. It doesn’t mean that I find Laura any less of a superhero, but I finally put it in writing!”

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