Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shhhh... I'm hunting for sandals!

Kids grow up very fast. I know people say that all the time, but have a kid start elementary school and you’ll start noticing.

The other night I realized Jake’s petite body finally decided to act like it was six years old because his feet look like he tried to put on LaLa’s shoes, and she’s two. They were falling over the front of his flip flops and his heel was off the back.

I went on a hunt for new boys sandals. I wanted something that had a bit more form to them and something he could wear with the new clothes I’d gotten him. I wanted this boy to get some style and look like the handsome kid he was.

I would not advise taking the shoe shopping trip lightly. If you do, you will come home with shoes two sizes too big and storing them for him to “grow into them”. Yes, I did that.

Then I found Start Rite shoes. These shoes are made to fit a child’s foot, and more importantly they fit like they should. Jake has skinny feet, but larger in the toes area.

Not all feet are created equal.

Start Rite knows this so they have a downloadable form for you to measure your child’s feet. They even give you a You Tube tutorial on how to do this.

How cool is that??

Now that I’ve done that and looked over the website, I figured out what sandals I want to get for Jake and which ones I’ll get for the toddlers. Can’t get a pair for one without the others right?

~I was paid monetarily for this post~

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