Friday, March 26, 2010

He Said - A year later (Part 2)

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I was very nervous as I was not prepared for this to end. We talked for hours and allowed all of our walls to come down. That is when I realized that I was dating myself. How is it that the two of us, being so different, could actually be the same person? Let me explain.

(Uncle Dave and Nephew Tanner)

Lily- Is very earthy almost to the point of hippie. She looks for naturally derived products for herself and her children. She does not care about money and will be the first to tell you that she is horrible with the green back. She is, above all else, a mom but never lost her own sense of herself. This is how she has been defined and upon first glance this is who she is.

Dave- I am the guy who followed the mighty dollar for a good chunk of my life. I realized, once my son turned two, that there comes a point in life where the money does not matter and living and raising my son became the most important. I made the switch and although the job is much more stress, the hours are more functional with the home life. I went through the divorce and found myself with some free time and re-learned that I can have a life while he is with his mother. I am cocky, I would like to say confident but the rest of the world has a different view. I am bull headed and a fairly focused individual.

I just re-read the above paragraphs and once again there is no way that this relationship should work…..BUT!

Lily and Dave- When we are together, very different people show up. As a couple we are very warm towards one another and although try not to, we are incredibly open with one another. I have changed, I show more emotion than ever before to the point where I can not find the words most times to describe how I feel for her.

Come to find out she is also bull headed and that has led to a few quiet, cold nights. She is the strongest woman I have ever met and quickly has entered the realm of my most trusted confidant. We seem to feed off one another and the selfishness that we had for ourselves seems to be transferred to each other. I have learned that I am more of a liberal republican and she has turned out to be a more conservative liberal. The middle ground is where we meet. I think we are both fantastic parents who believe in discipline but would give anything for our kids and the way we raise our children has meshed very well.

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