Friday, March 26, 2010

Essentia for sleep

When I was pregnant with Issa I started looking into a more eco-friendly, less toxic type lifestyle for my second “family”. I had raised three children into their teenage years by the time my daughter, now 3, was born. I learned a lot throughout my research in shampoos, conditioners, fabrics and paints.

During my research I found out about natural mattresses, these mattresses were made of many different products that cut down on adhesives that emit toxic fumes the first 2-3 years and off-gasses that cause eye/skin irritation and cause headaches. Who wants their children lying on these types of products during the beginning of their lives?

What I never considered was my own health during this time. What am I sleeping on every night? What kinds of toxins am I inhaling when I go to sleep at night or when I am curled up on Saturday mornings talking to Dave?

I went to Essentia and got many answers I had been looking for.

Essentia is a Natural Memory Foam they have replaced the petrochemicals with natural ingredients such as natural latex and essential oils, plant extracts and water creating a healthy alternative to petroleum based synthetic memory foam mattresses.

Essentia breaths like cotton, has no off-gassing and does not pollute through manufacturing.

When Dave and I look into our next bed, I’d love to get something like Essentia Natural Memory Foam mattresses. With a 20 year warranty and no maintenance required, I think it’s a sound investment.

Check out Essentia for mattress and pillows that can help give you a GREAT night sleep.

~This blog post was sponsored by Essentia. I was compensated for this blog post, the opportunity offered through Business 2 Blogger~


Rachel said...

Hi Suzanne!

Thanks for commenting on my blog.
I'd love to be involved with Mile High Mama's. I'll check out the website, but would love to hear from you again. The Mommy Meet-ups sound like a lot of fun.

BTW, your family is gorgeous. I come from a large family. They are the best.

Hope to hear from you soon,

*Mom's Best Bets said...

We only shop and use natural products-this is interesting-Thanks!

*Mom's Best Bets said...

We only use natural products too-this memory foam looks good