Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas MeMe

Christmas Meme - Getting To Know You

I found this MeMe on Moving On from the Drama.

Have you started your Christmas shopping? No, I have not. Not even a single one. I am lucky enough to have won a few giveaways. Money is a bit tight this year, so we are waiting to see what’s going to happen for gift buying.

Tell me about one of your special traditions. Every Christmas Eve, I make sure Santa has her… Uh… his favorite cookies set out with some chocolate milk (it has more protein… Santa likes chocolate milk!) Then I call all the kids together and we read “T’was the Night before Christmas” from an old book I used to read from as a kid. I cry… everytime.

When do you put up your Tree? We try and get the tree the week after Thanksgiving. We cut it down in one of the forest areas of Colorado.

Are you a Black Friday shopper? No… never, I was not that person.

Do you Travel at Christmas or Stay home? I try to stay home. It is crazy to try and cart six kids around.

What is your funniest Christmas memory? I was a kid and there was a huge box in the room for all of us kids. None of us knew what it was, so I kept thinking… Microwave.. Microwave!.. It was a new dog… My mother and father kept laughing at me that I wanted a microwave more than a dog.

What is your favorite Christmas Movie of All time? Charlie Brown Christmas. Period!

Do you do your own Christmas Baking? What’s your favorite treat? Yes, I love holiday baking. I make my Mom’s pumpkin bread!! It’s the BEST out there.

Fake or Real Tree? Real.

What day (as a Mom) does the actual panic set in to get it all done? November 26th, I’m a mess this year.

Are you still wrapping presents on Christmas Eve? Yes, I love Christmas Eve, the kids are in bed with anticipation and I get to wrap, place out gifts, eat cookies and curl up in a chair next to the tree and just be happy remembering the excitement I had as a kid.

What is your favorite family fun time at Christmas? I love baking, decorating cookies and the tree. Oh.. and watching Charlie Brown with my kids. I also hold a Yule celebration every year, this year it’ll be quieter, but still nice. I love the feeling of being with friends and family during that time.

13.) What Christmas craft do you like the best? I love cloves inside of oranges. It is a WONDERFUL smell and my kids love doing this!

Christmas music? Yes or No. And if yes, What is your favorite song? Yes. but I won’t listen before Thanksgiving! My favorite songs are “Charlie Brown Christmas” and “Baby it’s cold outside”

When do you plan to finish all your shopping? No idea…

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Joanna said...

So much fun! I used to be a Black Friday shopper but after last year I was done! It's too crazy out there for sure.

I love that you read T'was the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve with your kids...That is such a special tradition.

Money is tight here too...I haven't bought near what I normally do. If it wasn't for reviews my kids wouldn't get anything this year.

Yum pumpkin bread! Reminds me that I have a pumpkin roll in the freezer!

kanishk said...

That is such a special tradition.

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