Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Duck... Duck... Grey Duck???

(I will add pictures when I get home. I'm still failing on getting those on photobucket) (Oh... and as a side note....I do not like my friend Timmeh anymore... he sux.)

We all live in the same country and somehow, things get “twisted” or switched around over state lines.

My best friend was telling me the funniest story this past weekend about how different things are between Texas (where we are from) and Minnesota (where her boyfriend is from).

They were watching "Who wants to be a Millionaire" one night and here was the question:

What follows: Duck, Duck ______

A. Goose
B. Duck, Goose
C. Mallard
D. Hippo

The whole room erupted with an opinion… “Duck, Goose” “Come on, that’s a stupid question” “Goose, you morons” “Mallard, that would work right?” The guy got the wrong answer and was out of the game, the room settled down as my best friend turned around to look at her guy.

The whole time Eddie had been sitting in the back of the room, tapping his lower lip, looking like a confused kid.

With a smile she slide over to him, poked his arm and asked… “Um… honey…. What… what are you staring at.”

He cleared his throat, and whispered back, “None of those are right….. “ Avoiding her gaze he stated, “It’s Duck, Duck, Grey Duck”


Apparently, that is the game in Minnesota, “Duck, Duck, Grey Duck”.

How is it so different?

In Texas we called all soft drinks, Coke. “Hey, you wanna Coke? What kind?”
When my best friend moved to Minnesota the store sign actually said “Pop, Isle 5”

She gawked, took a picture and sent it down south.

Yes, it’s called Pop…


So… here is my question. What is different for you?

*Do you call soft drinks Soda, Pop, Coke?
*When you talk about going 4- Wheeling, do you call it 4 Bying or what?
*Is it Duck, Duck, Goose, or something else?

What differences do you know of from your neck of the woods?
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