Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's for Dinner Thursday? 8/27

I am doing a simple “What’s for Dinner Thursday” because I slacked off and didn’t copy my pictures here at work. So next week… Ribs!

Today’s is…. Inspired by Rachel Ray’s Garlic Guacamole.

I made this the same day I made the enchilada’s… I’m a happy girl!

This turned out really well, I put a lot of lemon in mine, but I liked it, a lot!

Huge compliments at the dinner party with Dave’s family, that’s a good sign!

Make sure you view/add your recipe to Joanna's "This Southern Girls Nest" so we can all see what YOU are making.

Rachel Ray’s Garlic Guacamole (Lilith’s Version)



1.) Cut avocados in half around the pit.

2.) Separate the halves.

3.) Pop out pit with spoon, then scoop flesh of avocados into a bowl.

4.) Squeeze the juice of a lemon over the avocados. (Squeeze the juice with the lemon halves facing cut-side up, allowing the juice to spill down over the sides of the lemon into the bowl. This method keeps the seeds in the lemon and out of the guacamole.).

5.) Add garlic (chop it up into tiny pieces and turn into a paste), onion and salt to the bowl.

6.) Mash and mix the ingredients into a chunky dip using a hand held potato masher.

7.) Serve with corn tortilla chips.

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