Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stolen Moments

It was a simple night.

Like that place was put there for us… we had driven around looking for a place to eat, splashing in puddles after the ark-like rain that had flooded out Jake’s t-ball game and there it was… like a beacon for two hungry drifters.

We laughed, caught up on life and forgot any drama that had come up after a month of hard work on the house. The sangria was a pitcher of bliss for us, sugar rimmed with subtle tastes of cloves and fruit lingering on our tongues. When we left… we were relaxed and reconnected once again.

Finally got back home, it was getting late and the alcohol had started to wear into our minds, promising a haze of sleepy thoughts and playful antics before we settled in for the night.

I will never know what it was that engulfed both of us. The hue of dim cobalt, mellow music lulling us to romantic thoughts or the soporific words of adoration; It is one of those moments that will always be etched into my memory, an aimless interval, stolen, treasured…