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Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nalgene bottle - Day 2 of Birthday Bash!

Don't forget to join Day 1 - Story Tot personalized book

I love to drink water! It is one of the fastest ways to lose weight and a great way to get my kids to sit down and chill… a cold glass of water and a fan.

When I got the Nalgene bottle I was skeptical. See, my teens and my toddlers are hard on things, they get tossed around, broken and with water bottles, always spring a leak. Can I tell you how bad it is to toss a water bottle in your purse while you are pulling the kids out of the car only to get back in the house and have a flooded purse? I don’t think I’ve EVER found my BlackBerry faster.

My son started freshman football for a week in June. It was a little warm so I made sure to test out the freezing power of the Nalgene bottle, filled it half way with water and tossed in the freezer at work. When I left I put some water in it and headed off to the football field. The kids all came running up for a drink, I tossed the Nalgene at him. Apparently the Nalgene is aerodynamic…. I however am a horrible throw. The bottle came down to the ground with a crash. Guess what?

It didn’t break.

Joey scooped it up, popped open the top and tossed it back to me when he was done. I was ecstatic. Finally, a bottle that can handle football practice, trips to the zoo and it fits in the cup holder in the minivan.

So, that being said… You know you want one.

* BPA Free
* Holds 24 ounces
* Allows for an easy one hand opening.

You can purchase one at Nalgene and at select retailers. They are only $11.99, get a few of these for hot summer days and freeze them at night to keep it cool.

Wanna enter? Here’s how…

Visit Nalgene website and tell me which product you would like to have. The winner will receive a Nalgene OTG, you will be able to choose between colors like Spring Green, Slate Blue, or go bold with Red.

They were kind enough to go “green” and will be sending the bottle straight from their offices instead of putting more waste in the environment by sending it to me first. I love these people!

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