Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Tooth Fairy Cometh!

It happens many times in my house….

Incessant whining, pulling and tugging, then… a squeal.

Suddenly a tooth is lying in a tiny palm with a bit of blood on my kids tongue.

They are happy because they know she’s coming.

The Tooth Fairy!

Back in the day, she was forgetful. It would be nights later before she could fit a kid into her busy schedule. Mornings of disappointment because “MOM” forgot to call her.

Yea… I suck.

But suddenly, The Tooth Fairy changed her tactic. No longer were there battle crawls to the head of the bed and hands trying to be stealthy in the dark looking for a tiny gem under a goose down pillow.

No longer would a parental unit try to keep the change quiet as quarters or dollars were put under the sleeping child’s head.

Nope…. The Tooth Fairy now leaves toys.

Here is what I do now.

The fallen tooth is wrapped with love inside of a bright bit of cloth and hung on a tree outside the house. We take pictures and make a ceremony of the “tooth gifting” to the greedy winged pixie.

The next morning, like Christmas, the children run outside to see what they got. A doll? A game? Perhaps a new pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

So tomorrow… be ready… The Tooth Fairy is on her way to give Faith a gift for her donation of a healthy chomper…. Wanna see what she left?

(Now… I wanna know… What traditions do you have in your house with the tooth fairy? How much money is left? Do your kids even know about The Tooth Fairy?)

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