Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Remember "Clue"?

Do the synapses not touch?

Follow me down this road… it was the beginning of the “Clue” game that had started off in my head.

“Uh… when I got into the shower it water was lukewarm, but by the time I got out, it was chilly.”

Drip… Drip…. Goes the hair on the living room floor.

With a raised brow I look at him, “Okay…. Like, the hot water heater went out?”

“I don’t know”

A confused gaze follows him as he heads to his room.

“Hey…” …wait…. “ Did you check?”

Shaggy head pokes out the bedroom door. “No… I mean, I can… I’d prefer if one of ya’ll did… but… yea… I can.”

A minute later, after a bit of shuffling in the laundry room he saunters back out. “I heard the water gurgling, and it feels warm, so yea… it must be on.”


Back into his room he goes with out a care in the world.

There I sit, trying to finish up the series of “Legend of the Seeker” with my son.

Staring after my 40 year old roommate and trying to figure out if I can put him INTO the hot water heater to test the temperature.

Needless to say I re-started up the water heater in time for the toddlers bath..

Oh…"I suggest it was Mrs. Bastien, in the laundry room, with the bleach." Pretty good guess....


Joanna said...

I still play that game with the kids...Love it!

I am never any good at it though, lol.

I tagged you, come over and see.

Charlotte said...

My favorite. game. ever. And the movie!

Jadekitty said...

That was great!