Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I was tagged!

Tagged by Joanna at This Southern Girl's Nest
(Who is feeling better! I spent all weekend fretting about her, even Jake, my boyfriend's son was asking about her on Sunday!)

The rules are pretty easy to follow…The person who has been tagged lists 6 things about herself then tags 6 other people who do the same.

So here are my 6 things…

* I am an arrogant person. I try to hide it under the cordial smiles and southern sweetness, however I have found an inner strength and power that I have to learn to reign in at times. It does have the tenancy of getting tangled up in my boyfriend's 'tude, makes things fun

* I don’t like mushrooms. They are icky. Yes.. I said icky... that is the best my vocabulary can get right now.

* My oldest daughter was named after the princess in the movie Barbarians. Horrible movie... really bad... but I was pregnant, and she was very pretty. Oh, and it's hard to tease her on that name!

* I have been close to almost all of the mother's of men I have dated since I was 19. I love them like they are my own mom and though I have lost one of them along the way, I would NOT trade any moments with these women. I have been blessed to have them in my life, new and old

* I plan on going back to school in the next year. Hmmm.. probably gonna have to tell the boyfriend about my thoughts on this one. Well... ya'll are the first to know! :)

* I could spend 10+ hours on the computer a day, and do... most of the time! It is still not enough time to get issues worked out that I need to do.

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WackyMummy said...

Thanks for tagging me! And love learning about my blogger friends. Btw: I totally hear you on the mushroom thing. Yuck! :)

Charlotte said...

oh, your first thing...I'm arrogant, too...well, I like the term cocky better ;)

Joanna said...

((hugs)) You are the sweetest!! I am so glad that you were thinking of me while I was sick! Girl, I swear if I ever make it up there I am coming to see you! *smiles*

I don't like mushrooms either!

Michelle said...

I do not like mushrooms either- blech!

Miranda said...

Now I have tomorrow's blog!

Very exciting about school, btw!

Life with Kaishon said...

Doesn't time on the computer just fly by so quickly? Your blog is very pretty.