Friday, June 12, 2009

Open Letter Friday - 6/12

Dear Ms. Nature,

Did someone wrong you this past year? Were we not careful enough treading on your earthy flesh or inhaling your breath? Has Colorado specifically been cruel to you?

You have been fierce this spring – The mornings offer soft sounds of birds singing the welcome of your bright star rising in the plains. The afternoons slowly become darker, clouds and walls of moisture off in the distance, moving closer until they are atop us, joined with the rumble of thunder and bright flashes of electricity.

We are all sent scurrying like mice when the white pellets of ice fall from the clouds. Deafening inside the home and threatening to shatter glass and bring a swirling mass of air to destroy things that should be left standing.

(Picture taken by Dave Smith: Outside his garage June 2009)

Exposed toes having been given the warm weather pedicures, bright pink toenails and decorated ankles are hiding within shoes once again. The nights demand a sweater and baseball games are visited with layers of clothing and a blanket.

When are you allowing the warmer nights of tank tops and a cold beer? When will I sit on the front porch and let the girls play in the sprinklers? The lilt of laughter from neighborhood children have been silenced by your roaring winds… we miss the warmer breeze and slipping into the pool at 7pm just to cool off.

Give us the warm nights and leave the chill to autumn.

Think about it,

A pleading mom who’s toes are always cold because she REFUSES to remove the flip flops until October


Nydia said...

Seriously, Mother Nature has been on her period well over a month now and it's time someone gave her some Midol or something...

It's been raining here in NYC something awful of late ... and it's as if NYC is in the middle of an identity crisis and thinks it's Seattle ...!!

Great letter ... lets hope this one reaches the proper powers that be ;)

Charlotte said...

Wow...amazing picture...but how scary!!

Lisa Sharp said...

Oklahoma is having crazy weather as well. Our normal tornado season is April and May for the most part and we had very little those months but we have had a lot of tornado weather this month. We are normally dry by now.

It's very weird! I don't really like it lol.

Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind said...

I am soooooo sick of this weather. Where the heck is my summer?? Driving back from camping this weekend, near Thornton, we had to stop and duck for cover because the marble sized hail (not only worried about it breaking our windows, but the roads were covered in ice) and the tornado funnel... AGAIN. Did Colorado shift over to Kansas?

Great picture. I would have peed my pants.

russ said...

flipflops in october? rhar!