Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wiggle Time.com Review

This week I got the opportunity to visit the new site Wiggle Time. I was not sure how my two toddlers would handle it, because they are still fairly disinterested in much TV.

So I sat Issa down in my lap and turned it on.

We built her character to look like her, chose her clothing and suddenly a whole world opened up before us.

There was a house you could personalize and put toys in when you completed games, There was pig herding, videos to watch and dancing around in the computer room. It was some of the most fun I have seen my kids have with the internet.

Wiggle Time is a safe haven for parents and children. Parents have the knowledge that their child is not communicating with strangers or seeing things that are inappropriate for their age group. There is a forum for adults to speak with other parents about child rearing and it is password protected so their child can not easily access it.

Wiggle fans can join for free and to get the full potential it is less than $6/month for a safe environment for your child.

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