Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trebellina Review

My toddlers have not been much of TV children; I think it is because they are so active. We used to only have the TV on for them if we were watching our sign language shows and those seemed to be the best way for them to learn.

I got the Trebellina DVD in the mail the other day and popped it into the player when I wanted to get some magazines out of my pile. I did not even get halfway through the video before I realized that I was watching it just as intently as my daughters were.

The characters Trebellina, RockBassey and Rhythmo are all fun and entertaining to watch on the screen. They are simply made cartoons however that seem to be enough for my toddlers. There was dancing and I relearned a ton of things I haven’t looked at since elementary school.

This would be a wonderful way to learn music, the different instruments and showing of how they are played. My daughters dragged out my drums and played those for a while.

This video would be wonderful for little ones pre-school and pre-music lessons. It helps them associate sounds with instruments and learn what the lines and the spaces mean. Pretty soon, it is like reading, it becomes another language for them.

You can get the video, t-shirts, posters and coloring pages on their website.


Joanna said...

Sounds like something Kelsie would watch..She loves stuff like this.

WackyMummy said...

I've never heard of it.... I might have to do something about that!!! =)