Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tell Me Thursday (05/21/09)

Two weekends ago Dave and I went to his best friends wedding in Sterling.

His son, was one of the ring bearers and I, of course, took a ton of pictures. I have pictures from beginning to end, trying on the tux, the rehearsal, the day of the wedding, getting dressed… everything.

Then… I got home and did my favorite thing…. Cropped and changed the picture.

This picture was a full body photo of Dave and his son; however I was drawn to their hands. I thought it was an accidental opportunity to make this moment magical.

It worked.

This is a moment caught in time… a moment that will be framed during those hard times, when his son’s hands are the size of his, when his son is spending weekends playing outside instead of inside watching cartoons.

A memory… of a beautiful day…


Charlotte Heaven said...

amazing...beautiful. Just breath-taking.

WackyMummy said...


Amber said...

I wish I had that crofting and photographing gene. So perfect!

Miranda said...

What a beautiful picture!