Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Beltane!

Happy May

Happy Beltane!

Happy joining of the deities and their hand fasting and union.

Throw up your blessings to Pan, Freya, Appolo, Mabon, Balder and Bel.

Don your green and white attire and welcome the ending of the frost on May 5th.

Lily of the Valley, Tulips and Roses will bloom this month, a rebirth of their buds having slept for the winter.

No matter how you celebrate today, give thanks for the beautiful day… even if it is misty and wet like it is for me today.

Offerings of sweet breads and wine to the blessed two, A swatch in offering for them to wear around their wrists for their hand fasting or a more traditional maypole dance with your children.

It is a time of fertility and partnership. New couples proclaim their love for one another on this day. It is a great day to start a new project.

Have a lovely Spring… May it be fruitful and full of beauty.

It is a new beginning.

Warm Blessings ~Lilith~

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