Friday, April 3, 2009

Open Letter Friday 4/3

Polymer Clay Snails has a MeMe called Open Letter Friday.

Write a letter, to anyone. Sister, parent, crazy driver, friend who has decided that a cookout doesn't include meat.

I also included this post under Open Mic Night Friday's!


Dear Gain,

Thank you! Thank you for making my clothes smell great. I love how it feels when I am curled up with my blankie and the dryer has heated you into happiness.

You are soft, after I get out of the shower and wrap a clean towel around me; you clean the dirty clothes of my toddler girls whom usually look like small ruffians due to the amount of food/dirt/bugs they get on their bodies.

I would ask, please, that you find a way to create a child-proof lock on the top of your bottle, I would appreciate it.


Well, allow me to Thank you for making my daughters smell great when they dump you all over themselves in the laundry room. Thank you for making my house smell spring garden fresh, from outside the front door, due to the amount of detergent STILL on my floors.

You make my daughters hair soft after she gets out of her $8.00 bath, which became a luxury spa when I put her in, and the tub filled up with bubbles, just from the detergent they had on their bodies. They were clean, smelling good and incredibly soft skinned, so soft that they kept slipping in the now VERY clean bathtub.

If you could do that, I’d be a loyal customer forever.

Take your time, I’ll wait..... I still have a ton of detergent to clean up UNDER the washing machine… I’ll be here when you get it figured out, however if you could make the scent mandarin orange I’d appreciate it. I’m all spring gardened out…


Mommy to six kids, two of whom are proving to outmatch the other four.


Jen said...

You should try the "Apple & Mango" scent..AWESOME!!!

Nydia said...

I love Gain ... it's like my crack! I can sniff it all day .. although I'm an "Original scent" girl myself, I would be open to the Mandarin Orange ...

Great letter ... and so important ... I'd die if Aidyn got into the laundry detergent and became one with it ...

WackyMummy said...

love it! those kids push the envelope, don't they? but they're so cute doing it.

btw, great letter. you know how to tell 'em!

sarah said...

Mandarin sounds great. Maybe you could get a job creating scents for laundry and cleaning products? What an awesome job that would be. And to go completely off topic: At a beauty company I used to work for, one of my jobs was coming up with names for lipstick shades and stuff. I was in heaven!

love, na said...

that was a very funny, cute letter. i loved it. and the children, adorable.

margelina said...

OK, is that your bathtub? Because it is AWESOME!!

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

LOL At least you don't have to clean the tub for a few days? :)

Sarah .aka. mama(but not as many as you)lotsoftots said...

lol! This is great! :) My littlest dumped an entire bottle of Elmer's glue on the floor the other day. . . Too bad we didn't live closer I could've used some of that there Gain all over that huge mess. . . ;)

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!
Have a great evening.