Thursday, April 2, 2009

New additions

I started more blogs.

I know. I do not have the time for this, but I always manage to find it.

I want to do these… for my kids, for my family, for me, heck, even for the people who like to wander into my life. Have at it!

I know that the blog design is basic. I’m not smart when it comes to that aspect of blogging. I am still learning the cool things I can do!

Month of Lily This blog is for a different change every month. This month, working out once a day, 30 minutes a day, next month : Cooking a home cooked meal every night? No cursing? Different movie every night? -Who knows?- (Ya’ll wanna join in? I’d love to see what ya’ll do!)

My Kids and I One picture a day, of the kids and I. Sometimes it’ll be all of them, sometimes just one. It depends, but it is those memories I want to cherish!

Crunchy Green Mom will stay! Heck, for as long as people want to listen to me!

Thanks for reading/looking/commenting!


Brittany said...

Love the Month of Lily!!! Great idea!

sarah said...

I love the name lol (Lily is my daughter's name too)

Great ideas! I currently write for 3 blogs with another launching later this month. It's nice being able to have different venues to chat, inspire, vent...etc.

Taking a look...

The Earth said...

I enjoy all your blogs :-).. Keep going!

margelina said...

Lordy woman! I dunno how you do it, or how you are gonna keep up with all that. I bow down to you!