Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Friday, April 17, 2009

Open Letter Friday - 4/17

Polymer Clay Snails has a MeMe called Open Letter Friday.

Write a letter, to anyone. Sister, parent, crazy driver, or child who pushes your kid down in the mall play area and you debate on kicking them in the shin and running away with their toys.


Dear ebony feline,

I avoided you. You sauntered across the street and I saw your sleek black form moving with the cocky attitude your type has.

I stopped, turned the truck around and drove around the block to avoid you. I learned long ago that black cats were HORRIBLE luck for me.

Ever since I avoided you I have had a really bad week.

*TV broke. Yes… flat lined
*Minivan STILL broke
*Toddler has a reaction to the measles vaccination with a 102.6 temp
*Son got in trouble at school
*Snowstorm will put a damper on oldest daughter’s prom on Saturday
*I have a toothache and am living on Aleve and penicillin.

HOW did you manage to THROW bad luck at me? It is like you have an area of effect ability to destroy my life.

Want to quit? Want to take it back and we can start over?

I would appreciate it, I am not sure I can take much more stress. In fact, all the stress is impacting other areas of my life so… don’t take your time…. This is an emergency.


Pleading Mom/girlfriend/human who avoids you like the plague
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