Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ice cream and chains

Dave really likes to drive. On our first date we drove for hours and talked. Last night when he offered ice cream after dinner, I gladly accepted. Then, when he offered a drive, I was thrilled at the prospect of getting lost with him.

Chocolate mint ice cream and a chocolate-peanut butter shake, cool night air and toasty toes we were off on an adventure.

We drove until we ended up somewhere in Kiowa/Bennett. Which, anyone who knows Eastern Colorado knows we were in the middle of NO WHERE! That is when things got hairy.

We dodge rabbits, field mice, windy roads, deer and barely skidded past a lone fluffy dog.
We laughed, joked and even stopped along some farmer’s road. I think Dave was testing the theory on shotguns and old men.

Then we got lost, Yes, lost….

See… my darling boyfriend has a navigation system in his truck, we both have them on our phones, and however, we never thought to use it until we were off the map. Yep… lost at 10:45 at night with ¼ tank of gas, not surprising nor alarming at all, Zipping along windy gravel country roads and not a single care in sight, we had confidence in our ability to make it back to town.

I am sure the family has heard it a lot, the skidding tires, bright lights bouncing along their dirt road as the large trucks try to stop from barreling into their backyard.

No sign saying, “Turn left NOW” or “Hey, you want a chain in your engine Moron?” or even a simple “Ahem…. Left <---”

The road just turns and those people, like us, that go straight are staring at the two metal poles and a chain going across as if to say… “Brake test HERE”

He managed to hit the brakes and stop skidding inches before the chain.

Brakes work.

I didn’t pee on the seat.

We can still laugh very easily.

I am going to egg someone’s house if I can ever figure out where we were.

Yep…. That thing’s got a Hemi…. and amazing brakes!


Joanna said...

Sounds like an adventure!

mattschmunk said...

Great story and AWESOME truck!!

sarah said...

At least you didn't pee on the seat. OH and you got ice cream out of the deal. What an adventure!

Pamela Kramer said...

Almost sounds like you are in high school again, very cute! *wink*

Michelle said...

sounds like you guys have a lot of fun adventures together! The best kind of relationship! :)