Monday, March 16, 2009

To-Do Tuesday- Week 6

Here is the 6th "To-Do Tuesday", started by Lisa at Crazy Adventures in Parenting.

To-Do Tuesday has been a wonderful asset to me; I can go back during my downtime and remember what is needed still to get done. I got a ton of things done last week, I feel like a champ and Lisa is a GREAT motivator!

Drink 8 glasses of water

Hash out Tempe and the girls with ex

Wordless Wednesday post
Work out
Relaxing Date night with Dave

Get it Write post
Electricity issue from last month
Legal Paperwork

Date Night with Dave
Open Letter Friday Post

Start up Jump Start Giveaway
Work out with Kara
Get suitcase out of the shed

Clean the house (Same every week)

Workout with Kara

Throughout the Week:

Headache solutions and documentation
Click and Climb review for Nikki and Joey


sarah said...

Thanks, you've just reminded me to get some water. Before the twins were born last year I drank water like it was going out of style. At least 10 glasses a day. (At one point growing up my mother actually thought I had a problem... but no, I just like water.) Now I barely have time to even think about getting a glass of water let alone actually drinking it. I find I get dehydrated now, which has never before happened to me. So I'm standing up right now and heading to the kitchen...

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Look at you go! Kick it girlfriend ;)

I still can't believe how much these lists help me keep my head on straight lol

BTW, that new picture of you, along with your picture of Kara - you two look like twins up there!

Lilith Silvermane said...

Lisa.. I think so as well.. very cool huh? I'm gonna try to get one of each of my kids like that :)

Trish @ Another Piece of the Puzzle said...

Wow, you're brave, splitting things up by days. That would drive me crazy!

I definitely agree that I am more motivated now to get things done. And I'm only one day late this week. :)