Friday, March 13, 2009

Open Letter Friday - 3/13

Polymer Clay Snails has a relatively new MeMe called Open Letter Friday.

Write a letter, to anyone. Sister, parent, crazy driver, police officer that gave you a ticket for NO reason. (Other than the fact that you were going 10 miles OVER the speed limit).

Here is mine for the week, I got the idea from a discussion by Kristin at An Ordinary Life I was reading the other day.

To Joseph and Judy,

You said she had soulful eyes, that she was spirited and sweet when you met her. You had wanted to adopt a baby, however when you met this one and a half year old, you couldn’t get her out of your head.

But, you didn’t have to.

She was a year older than the first child you adopted and you brought her home on his birthday, a gift for the little boy, an older sister. She adored him; it was what she needed after losing her own little brother a year before.

But, you didn’t have to.

There was the refusal to eat, the tears and the fear of abandonment. She clung to you at times and at others pushed you away and cried for no reason, and you still loved her. She cowered at your anger and cried every time she was scolded, however fought back over small issues, usually dealing with food.

But, you didn’t have to.

She was rebellious, strong-willed, loud and angry, but you still sent her to camp, ballet and swimming every year.
You taught her to write, to speak her mind, to work within the system, to have a heart for those less fortunate and love her family.

But, you didn’t have to.

Now she is all grown up, six kids of her own and knows what love should look like. She has no regrets, and thinks everyone should know what a family is. The only thing left to say now is… Thank you….

I am really glad you did.


Your daughter
Second to the family, oldest of the children


Joanna said...

What a wonderful story/letter. I didn't know that about you. You are an absolutely wonderful lady, and I am glad to "know" you!

russ said...

I really dislike the term "MeMe"

Lilith Silvermane said...

I like it.. it fits me very well... I say MeMe a lot.... like a toddler :)

polymerclaysnails said...

Awww ... this was perfect! I'm a hot tearing mess here at the office LOL ... This was beautiful ... I wish the world was filled with more people like you and your parents!

Karen_thrifty said...

Thanks for inviting me over. I'm glad everything worked out for you all.

Jadekitty said...

This was beautiful, thank you for sharing.