Friday, March 6, 2009

Teenage Protests.....

Open minded, free thinking, independent, highly intelligent and strong.

All of these words describe my 15 year old daughter, Ashlyn (we call her Nikki).

I love these things about her, she amazes me every day… and then…. I get this phone call.

“Mom… I want to protest”

“Umm…. WHAT?”

{The Mommy is sitting at her desk, 5 minutes from the high school and working in the SAME district, with images of my daughter chaining herself to the railing in the high school}

“They are not letting us Freshman out of the cafeteria at lunch time, however they are letting the Sophmore’s and Juniors jump around and act up.”

“What exactly are you protesting?”

{At this point that Mommy brow has furrowed into a deep concentration.}

“It is unfair”

“Uh-huh… Honey… ya’ll are on the lowest of the totem pole, it is what happens to all freshman”

{How did the Mommy NOT teach you that life isn’t fair? Did I forget that life lesson?}

“It is NOT fair, we want to do a sit out… we are going to sit outside all day until they change it.”

“Understand the ramifications of your actions, go through the right channels and try to talk to the person who changed the rules, if that doesn’t work, then do what you need to do. However, they might need my new cell phone number when the cops come and get you.”

{This statement was much funnier typed into my Blackberry waiting for Friday morning bagels to get here}

“Ok… Love you”

I have decided not to answer the phone anymore today!


Joanna said...

Yay for her wanting to stand up for what she feels so strongly about! That is awesome! I hope that things get worked out at her school. Your right, freshman are the lowest and get the worst end of everything...Ahh...highschool!

Lisa Sharp said...

Maybe she should join greenpeace hehe. Any updates?? Oh and you are a cool mom for what you told her. :)

margelina said...

You know you are doing something right when your teenage kids call you. Trust me, not all do. You are one great mama!