Friday, March 20, 2009

Open Letter Friday - 3/20

Polymer Clay Snails has a relatively new MeMe called Open Letter Friday.

Write a letter, to anyone. Sister, parent, crazy driver, boss who is requesting ridiculous things that make you wonder his ability to breath every day.

Here is mine for the week, I got the idea this morning, while waking up my daughter.



Why would you not have come up with a harder word for, “No”

How about changing it to “Balthazar” or “vista”…. ?

I would have no issue saying, “Balthazar, Issa, you may not have another cookie.” OR “Vista! We do NOT hit our sister!”


Why would I want to change a word we have been using for years? Why must I rock the boat and try to be a naysayer?

My 14 month old daughter has found the word.

Because my 14 month old wakes up in the morning and says it, the whole time I am changing her diaper and getting her ready for the sitters, toddling around the house with a bottle she mutters it under her breath, eating dinner it comes out between bites of food. She says it the whole drive to her father’s house and even when I pick her up the next morning.

Apparently she has posted claim on the word, because when *I* use it on her, she cries, screams and tries to hit me. Did you give her that permission? Is this her way of copywriting this word?

Please reconsider this word, I am willing to offer up some alternatives to the short, easily repeated word so that mother’s everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief!

Would Scumodofage work?

~Mommy tired of hearing the word No~
~Mommy tired of saying the word No~


Tim said...

Get your hands off me, you jerk! Scumodofage means Scumodofage!

Lilith Silvermane said...


polymerclaysnails said...

Hilarious!!!! LMAO ... this is genuis, Lilith ... Maybe she feels she invented the word and cries because she feels people should give her $2 every time they say it.

Oh this was a perfect letter. Mine is up if you want to check it out OH and I have my very first guest blog post over at fTier 1 Living: ... Please check that out too ... I"m so excited about it!

Jen said...

Too funny!! I'm with you on this one! My 18 month old has also start wagging her finger at me and shaking her head to the point where I think she's going to injure herself!

I think I am going to start using "Mama" in place of "No" for her..she wont say it matter how much I coax her to! :)

WackyMummy said...

LOL! I love it! I would definitely use scumodofage. Sounds... almost like a bad word, which I want to say anyway when he starts saying "no no no no no!" The sound of the word might even make him giggle, which is a great distraction from whatever issue we're "arguing" about. :)

Joanna said...

Way too funny! I remember hating this word, as well. Luckily Kelsie has gotten out of the stage of telling us no, at least for most of the time. *smiles*

Great letter!!

KiwiLog said...

So true! How is it every word in the English language has a synonym except this one--one that is used so very, very often!

nancy said...

(hey, just wanted to drop you a note to say "hi" and let you know I was thinking about you!!. xoxo. -n.)