Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Monday, March 2, 2009

How do you answer.....? Part One

"What is blogging?"
How I got started

I love that question because it is totally up for interpretation. I know when I first heard about blogging I said, "There is no way people want to read about my babbling, boring life with kids and work." - "Why would I want to share my life with strangers?" - "My friends already know about my life"

I used to write an e-mail to all my friends called "Today in History", it went through and told everyone about the current historical events on the current day, Word of the Day, Joke of the Day, SAT question of the day, Joke and comic of the day, just funny things for my friends to read.

My friend Timmeh said... "Hey you should start a website".

HHHHHHEEEEYYYYYY........ Great idea!

So I started a blog called, "Lilithology" and would update it everyday with the little "newsletter". It was fun, time consuming and then I branched out a little, doing a review on a cupcake/cereal bar that opened in town, (Yes, it is THAT cool).

And then....

I found Giveaways......

........... And then I won a giveaway. It wasn't much, but I was ADDICTED!

Now it is your turn:

How did you start this whole blogging adventure? To keep up with family? To win giveaways? For your business?
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