Tuesday, March 10, 2009

High Fidelity

One of my favorite movies is High Fidelity.

I remember the day I saw it, the people I was with, even the tornado that hit that caused the three of us into a "protected" area until it passed over.

If you have not had the chance to see this movie, it's worth it. It goes through love, loss, music, human nature, and is an honest look at relationships.

I was talking to my best friend this morning, and she and I were talking about an "issue" that had come up in my life recently. There was a scene from this movie that seemed fitting for my mood today.

Liz (Joan Cusack) is talking to Rob (John Cusack) about standing outside Ian and Laura's apartment, calling on the phone 10-15 times a night, standing in the rain, etc.

Liz: Rob, you have to stop.

Rob: Why?

Liz: Because you are creating a cohesive union, before they were just two people now, they have a common enemy, something to fight against. You are making them stronger by giving them something to fight against.


Sometimes there are battles that need to be won, and some that can't be. Just make sure that whatever battle you choose, doesn't start a war, and doesn't blow up in your face.

Ever get into a fight with a co-worker, only to have three more side with them?
*Did that ever get you anywhere?

Ever get into a fight with a friend over an enemy?
*Did that friend ever think you were wrong and turn against you?

NOW... that being said.... watch this clip, however, understand that High Fidelity does have strong language, if you are offended by that.... don't watch this, Jack Black has a dirty, dirty mouth.. hehehehe...


margelina said...

OMG...I ~HEART~ you. Seriously. I needed that...not just the clip and the reference,but the entire post. Thank you!

Lai-Lai said...

I was thinking about this after we talked yesterday. Maybe there is a reason for the annoyingly nosey trouble starting fools in our life. Because if one persons own personal issues and attacks inadvertanly cause an important relationship we cherish to grow stronger...well..Thank you annoyingly nosey trouble starting fool!!!