Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My boyfriend

I am not sure if I have bragged about my boyfriend today

Here are a few reasons I love him...

He sends me e-mails that say...

.....I am not sure if I have told you today: I love you. You are my queen, my moon. The object that orbits with me and brings the balance that I have desperately needed in my life. You bring light to the darkness.

(He's gonna kill me for showing that to the world... heh)

My next reason will take a little longer to explain.

Dave had been thinking hard and long about a Christmas gift for me.
He wanted something personalized, something that had meaning to us.

He found this....(Younger Scandinavian Futhark Alphabet, Runes)

He wanted a necklace that had the "D" symbol in it. However... he could never find the site that had it.

He finally told me about it, and after research it was put on the back burner to these amazing Lava tears from Iceland (LOVE THEM!)

....until Saturday.

He decided to make it himself.. and implemented the "S" at the bottom. He got a fence post (and chiseled the design in it) , his soldering tool and some solder and made this...

He says it's just a prototype.. he want's to make it into an necklace... I think it's perfect.
It's raw, intense... I love it!

It will one day be a tattoo!!


margelina said...

Wow...I love it,too! Hang onto that man as tight as you can, Lilith! He's more than a keeper...he's a lifer!:)

Joanna said...

He is such a sweet guy! My guy never sends stuff like that to me and as far as making me anything...HA! We will just leave it with HA!

Jill said...

Sounds like a keeper!

Miranda said...

That will make a great looking tattoo!

onangelwings said...

Now, that is a man!

He sounds wonderful and special.

You lucky girl.