Saturday, January 10, 2009

LaLa's 1st Birthday

She was born about 8 days early and I had no issue with that. I was induced because her heart rate dropped and they wanted to make sure she could come into the world safely.

It was the longest of my labors and that was strange for me, never having a labor like that, I can't imagine those women who labor for days.

There were complications afterward, issues with her father, issues with my own body and a few fearful moments where I was surrounded by nurses all of them trying to stop hemorrhaging and me being quite oblivious to the concerns until afterward.

She has proven to be just as different of a child as her entrance into the world was.

7pds, 2oz and a thin layer of black hair.

Suzanne was the smallest of my six children, Fitting that she is the last of us. She is not much of a baby who is frivolous with her emotions. She smiles and is happy, however not without provocation or reason. She loves her family and finds outside forces to be unworthy of her time or even something to be fearful of. She is one year old.... and yes... a snob!

Happy Birthday Baby Suzanne (LaLa)


margelina said...

Aw, How Sweet! Hapy Birthday LaLa!!
My Elaina is like that...the tiniest of the bunch, but with a gigantic personality!
p.s. doesn't it make you crazy and a little sad your baby is 1?

Brittany said...

AW! Happy Bday LaLa!

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Very sweet video! Happy birthday to your little one.