Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day three- Inspiration

I am on day three of my working out, dieting and healthier lifestyle.

What have I learned?

*Working out at night creates a ton of energy. I don’t get done with everything until 11pm, however I’m in bed and unconscious by 11:30, I sleep MUCH better.

*I love my crockpot! It’s one of the best ways to create home cooked healthy meals!

*My friends are wonderful motivators! They are supportive, funny and a wealth of information.

Tim and I have been bantering back and forth about weight loss, I do this every so often and I’m sure he just laughs at me when I get on this whole new kick, however, he never mocks me… at least openly…about it.

Today he sent me a post from an amazing blogger. It has to be one of the best personal motivation pieces I’ve read in a long time. It hit me pretty hard and has changed my thought process on this whole thing.

Here are some key points that I found to be the most poignant.

“Stop waiting for happiness. Happiness is right here, right now.”

“Feel free to pursue goals and desires … but don’t make your happiness dependent on them. Don’t think of happiness as something you’ll have once X happens (whatever X is right now for you).”

“Remember that, always: the journey is the most important thing. Not the goal. Not the ending point.”

“Losing weight. Will you only be happy after you’ve lost weight and are slim and trim? When you have the perfect body? Screw that! Make it an enjoyable journey — exercise can be a lot of fun! Eating clean, healthy food can also be incredible, once you learn to enjoy it! Enjoy the journey to health and the great body will only be a side benefit.”

If you would like to read the whole article, visit Zen Habits (I just bookmarked it!)


How could I never have thought of this? I am in love with life, in love with the idea of new things, experiences and changes in my mind.

It never occurred to me to love what I am eating now, just as much as I loved eating before. To know that each ache of my muscles and heavy breath means I’m doing something for myself. I did a 20 minute boot camp workout with Nikki last night; I should have enjoyed every laugh and moment we got to spend together. How could I have missed that special moment with my teenage daughter?

What have I learned? Appreciate the facilities I have, it could be much harder if I was without my ability to experience the world as a whole. Love every taste, every exertion and every moment when I take the day off of it, and indulge in the delicacies I’ve been craving! Instead of looking forward to April 5th, when I see if I lost all the weight I desired, I am going to look forward to the next day, the new ways to workout, the new foods I can eat and the extra energy.

How are you all doing on your resolutions? Have you gotten to “organize” like you desired? How about saving money or quitting smoking? Let me know how things are going! Oh… and go read the article…!

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Joanna said...

I didn't do resolutions this year, but I am doing weekly/monthly goals. So far, one is accomplished...It wasn't anything much, but it's done...I too am losing weight...I weighed in on the Wii Fit on Christmas Day, then proceeded to gain weight every freaking day! It was horrible...I am now thankfully after working out everyday but two since then at the weight I started at. I am watching what I eat but still eating what I want, just in moderation..If I want a piece of pie or something similiar I give myself the same amount that I would Kelsie...I figure I can't go wrong with something that small. *smiles*

Good Luck working out..and those are some great motivational lines!