Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Get it write here Journal (#1)

Get it right here- Journal Blog

I found this great new blog the other day. She puts up Journal Questions, some simple, some complex however all of them will help you think about where you are, what you appreciate and look a little deeper inside yourself.

What can you find at home and nowhere else?

~Comfortable noise: With six kids, 5 of them who are around and making noise most of the time, there is a comfort in it. Even when they are watching a movie or playing online, there are creaks of chairs, the furnace, dish washer and draining water, even music coming from under the teenagers door.

~Smells: The scent of freshly washed laundry (someone is ALWAYS doing laundry), shower gel, hairspray, perfume, something cooking and a lingering of makeup, usually because the two year old is playing in someone’s purse.

~Clutter: There is clutter at work; however, nothing matches the clutter in your house. All those socks that the washing machine eats… it actually ends up in the couch! Yep… they magically appear in between the cushions… unwashed! It’s magic… damn sock fairies!

~Safety: No other place in the world do I feel so safe! I get home out of the cold and the wind, usually carrying a child and 3+ bags, I close the door behind me and I’m happy. Nothing else seems to matter, though I dislike the location of my home, it is where I live and I make the best of it. I can not imagine coming home to a house that I wasn’t comfortable at. I know that I am loved there, I can let go of most of my issues and stress and just… be myself.

What about you? What can you find at home and nowhere else?

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