Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday night!

I'm done with the Bloggy Giveaways.. I did my best and got somewhere in the 1100's, but I gave up.. I know.. I'm weak :)

So... The weekend is here. What do you have to look forward to?

~ Friday night hair cut, 13 inches coming off for Locks for Love. ({expect Photos of me crying, taken by my lovely boyfriend... who is gonna take me to get a cupcake afterward!}) Oh.. and my sweet man is getting his hair cut into new style as well! He needs a change....

~ Pictures of downtown as we play around for a little while tonight... for as long as I can get my love to share me.. he hates sharing me on date night.

~ Fun pictures of my little ones playing in the park... it's kinda pretty here today.

~ Pictures of the spread I am doing for Super Bowl at my place! Got a lotta food.... Joey and I will be yelling for the CARDINALS!
{{I don't really care.. I just wanna root for someone and the underdog seems like the best bet}}

I hope ya'll have a great weekend and I look forward to getting back to my normal reading of my favorite blogs!!!
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