Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snowy Sunday's *Updated*

Dave and I talked on the phone pretty late last night.
It seems to be a theme with us at least once a week. We had to put up some rules for the weekdays because it was getting a tad out of control for the both of us. A girl needs her beauty sleep right?

So, around midnight we started noticing the snow coming down, it was pretty, though coming down quite quickly when I finally went to bed around 2am.

I got up this morning around 7ish and stepped to the window to assess the situation.

*Do I get to have my girls day with Gretchen?

Hmmm.. that is looking less feasible.

*Update* Not only is it feasible... It's on! I'm curling my hair, tossing on my cute hat and skipping out the door right now! -2 degrees or NOT!!

*Why does it have to be SOOOO flippin' cold?

Yea.. I know.. DUH

*Coffee is needed... now.. what else?

And that got me thinkin'...

When it's cold outside, the weather is pretty close to icky and you are sure that you are not leaving the house for the day... what do you like to do? Since it's the holiday's, do you fire up the tree first thing? Make warmed eggnog with some Brandy? Do you start making french toast and hot cocoa?

Here's my list:

* The tree got lit up, it's blinking away in the living room happy to be of service with presents already wrapped and NOTHING opened by toddler or baby hands yet.

*Coffee is scenting up the house and being quite lovely for my mental sanity. I'm going to mix 1/2 hot cocoa and 1/2 coffee... it should be a lovely morning for my tastebuds.

*Warm socks cushioning my feet (courtesy of my lovely man)... These are his socks.. but do I care? Nope.. not one iota! My toes are warm and I'm less growly...

*Dressing my girls up in warm comfy clothes and looking all cute. I love how snuggly they are.

*Nap time... It's cold outside, my room is warm and perfect for me to curl up in bed and take a mid-morning nap.

*However, my #1 favorite thing is to slip on my guy's shirt. It's big, comfy and I really like the way it makes me feel. It was the first thing that put me in a good mood this morning.

I know some of you are going to be getting this storm in soon... better stock up on coffee.
So.. how about ya'll? What do you like to do during those.. "Snowed in for the weekend" days?


Brittany said...

Have a great time on girls' day! :)

margelina said...

Well, snowed in for us means snow play for the kids. So, we usually dress and undress several times a day into thick warm snowsuits. The hill next to our house is amazing for sledding, and the perfect size for little ones, but still big enough to be fun for us big kids. When its time to warm up and dry out the wet mittens, we head in for hot chocolate and cartoons under the blankets. As soon as everything is dry, we head out again!
We are STILL waiting on a real snowfall this year. I'm utterly lealous of your picture!