Saturday, December 13, 2008


I know a lot of you have site monitors on your blog.

Sitemeter is my chosen one!

It allows me to track:

*Which post is getting the most exposure.
*Who is visiting and from where.
*What labels allow the most search options.
*When people are visiting my blog the most.

It is a WONDERFUL thing to add, you can really detect many details of your blog, and it is really easy to install.

NOW... I've found some really humorous things using this meter. Some of my visitors are from other countries (Which I love to have come and see me :) ) and some from right here in the state. Margelina... visit as often as you want, between you and Nancy.. I'm VERY well loved ;)

What meters do you all use? Do you have one that gives you more extensive information than SiteMeter.. I might be looking for one that can give me more info.


1 comment:

margelina said...

LOL, thanks for he shout-out, Lilith!
You have links to everything on here! If I'm looking for something, or have seen it somewhere, I know the link is here, so thank you for that!
Bloggy love!!