Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kudos to my Christmas helping friends!

I must send out huge kudos to a few companies and a friend.

#1: Margelina… Thanks a ton for that info on the HUGE help on the coupon codes for shops. I’ve been shopping most of the day!

#2: Thank you to Blissfully Domestic for the giveaway of a 50$ gift card to I got my parents and my babysitter (My Mom #2) beautiful bouquets for the holidays!

#3: Thank you to An Island Life for the 25$ Gift card to Sassy Cakes Boutique. I just got my oldest a CUTE pink hat for the holidays and beyond! Great for the Colorado winter!

#4: Thank you to Mom to 3 Angels for the 25$ gift card to Happy Panda (I LOVE Happy Panda), Another gift that will be under the tree for my baby girl. (I have been wanting these for a LONG time, they were on the wish list for LaLa)

I also got a ton of other things through giveaways, but since family and friends read the blog... they will have to wait!!


nancy said...

wow. people actually win at the giveaways?

margelina said...

You're welcome, Liltih!! I'm so glad you found helpful coupons! I hope your Holidays are wonderful and blessed!

Happy Panda said...

Thank you!

Joanna said...

Congrats to all your wins! I know that I owe a lot of thanks to the reviews that I have been doing for the gifts this Christmas!