Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Theater Dreams

March 6th.
I'll don my heels, put on my pretty clothes and
head out to the theater!

One of my best guy friends, Brad, got tickets for us to go to Phantom.

Yes... Phantom of the Opera.. it will be my first time, and I can hardly control my excitement!

We have been talking about it for years! Now is a wonderful time for us to go.

PHANTOM!.... I'm gonna faint :)


margelina said...

OMG, Lilith...That is my absolute Favorite of all time!! I have seen it on and off broadway many, many times and it is completely breathtaking and tragic and wonderful!! You are going to love it!!

nancy said...

It's one I have actually seen. I sat there with tears rolling down my face by the end of it. It was wonderful.