Monday, November 24, 2008

Mommy Letter

I did it…. I finally submitted my mother letter.

Have you heard of The Mother Letter Project?

How is this for a loving husband?

Christmas of 2007 went off like most families did, though this one changed the life of Mr. Mother Letter and his family. Two days after the holiday he was standing in a village in Africa, realizing that things had to be better for Christmas 2008. Not just for his family, but for this small village, something he could do.

His family and friends decided to make gifts for one another this year, and give the difference to this village. Now, Mr. Mother Letter chose a gift for his wife… a compilation of letters, from all over from mothers… to a mother. Thoughts, concerns, fears, joys, the whole gamut of love to one mother, and to all mothers in a simple letter.

How can you help?

Write a letter

What would you talk about?

Being a mother, pretend you are talking to your sister, your daughter, your cousin, anyone you would give advice to, or open your heart to.

Where to send it?

If you share a letter here or by email (motherletter(at)gmail(dot)com) before Christmas, you'll get your own copy of the letters.

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