Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dancing Alligator Review

As many of you know I love wooden toys!

I think they are the best way for kids to learn and grow within their world.

So, when the option to try out the Dancing Alligator came, I jumped at the chance. This thing is adorable and perfect for my pre-walker LaLa.

It is a sturdy rubberwood and wheels that are made to last, knowing that little ones will put their toys through years of torment. When you pull Mr. Alligator across the floor he lumps and bumps along, making a silly movement and a wonderful clacking sound that seems to have every little kid in the room following him as if he were alive.

Warning: If you have children close in age like I do, make sure the older one doesn't beat up the younger one for this toy, I wish someone had told me this BEFORE I let LaLa play with it. Issa is a jealous little girl over this one.

I am sure you all have seen this on TV (I did the other day and got excited like a little girl) and if you would like to get something like this to help encourage your walker to keep on moving up, then you can find them at Kobold Toys.

They would be a wonderful addition to evening walks and just around the house to keep the little ones happy underneath the tree during the upcoming holiday season, with a price under $20, it is well worth it!

Thank you to Parent Reviewers for the change to review this product.

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IMMomsDaughter said...

LOL. Was ROTFL laughing about the part about the older sibling beating the younger. Funny but oh so true! Mine does too :P