Monday, October 20, 2008

Bloggy Giveaway is coming up!

It is that time of year ladies and gents!

It is what got me into blogging giveaways, the addiction of the Bloggy Giveaway. I do blame them for my obsession, and it's a good one.

I spend my entire week working on getting all of these done. I think I entered 500 contests three months ago, by the end it's a pick and choose. I find about three new blogs I love during this and subscribe to them, but for the most part, it's giveaway entry time.

So, put it on your calendars, buy some coffee... these are my 2am-3am nights. I stay up until I can't see anymore and finally pour myself into bed mumbling about my email address and "favorite" items from sites.

Luckily, I have the 31st off of work for a Halloween party that night, so on the 30th, and get a lot of them done.

I am excited, the holidays are coming, and I am hoping to gift some of these items to family and friends.

Still undecided on what I want to giveaway, last time I gave away a baby bouncy seat... this time... Hmmmm... It's still up in the air!

Strap on your wrist braces and your coffee IV... It's gonna be a LONG week!

1 comment:

Storm said...

Haha! I am just counting down the days, I love the insanity! :)