Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tres Couture Snuggle Blankies Review

Tres Couture sounds elegant. It should.
Gal on the Go! Snuggle Blankie

I had first gone to the site not too long ago, doing my usual searching for things, mainly spare blankets to fill my daughters bed at night.

See... Issa is addicted... to satin. It's a sad thing really, in fact, I've blogged about her condition before.
So when I won the giveaway hosted by my lovely friend Joanna a few weeks ago, I was ecstatic. A satin backed blankie, OR, I could be nice, and start getting LaLa addicted to a blankie. Right?

Then I met the owner of Tres Couture and we started talking. Clarissa is a wonderful person. She understood how it is to be a mother and know that jealousy is rampant. She offered to send me two... TWO blankies, one for each of my little princesses.

It was a hard choice, I literally had to call my friend who worked across town, send him the link and then we deliberated over it. Who knew that snuggle blankets could be so cute.

After a short time we came to the decision. RoseBud Minky Snuggle Blankie for LaLa and then let Clarissa choice the second one. She knows best right?
Now, if you haven't gone over and looked at the RoseBud Minky yet, I suggest you do.
.....................I'll wait..............................

SEE! Isn't that decadent? Wait until you touch it! The Minky fabric is slightly heavy (which is wonderful for Colorado weather) and incredibly soft.
I then pulled out the one Clarissa chose. The Sassy Sweetheart Blankie , this blankie is black satin on one side, and hot pink soft as a cloud minky on the other. I couldn't wait to see their reactions... And share them with you.

Ahem... notice something? She stole them... both, she is evil, but how could I say no to this face?

LaLa finally got them back, and she adores the Rosebud Minky.

I can honestly say these blankies are wonderful additions to any child's room decor, and as a baby shower gift, you'd be the talk of the party! They are also very reasonably priced and you can add other items onto the order to have them all shipped to you!

Go, swing by and say hello to Clarissa at Tres Couture, she's running a wonderful shop and has some inventive and beautiful items to sell!
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Clarissa said...

I am so happy that they loved them! Sassy Sweetheart is one of my favs! ;)

Joanna said...

That is so awesome!! They look so snuggly! : )

Storm said...

ooooh that blankie is gorgeous! I am off to shop!

renee - 21st century parenting said...

nice!!! looks scrumptuous! you have a LOVELY family! i love the pic of the girls w/their blankies! :-)

btw, i just found you through twitter.

Mekhismom said...

These look wonderful. I am hoping for a girl in my future so that I can doll things up around here.

CanCan said...

How sweet! My BROTHER had the satin addiction when we were kids. My mom got him a satin pillowcase.

Anonymous said...

Satin clothes are always good.