Wednesday, August 20, 2008 Review

The internet has become the greatest resource we have ever had.

We can connect, interact, discover and best of all... shop!

Then along came the green movement, and one that I must say I support. Not for any political reason, but because it makes sense. Come on, what is wrong with taking your recyclables to a drop point if it's not out of your way, or turning off the water when you brush your teeth? It just seems like an easy way to control your life, and the impact you leave on those behind you.

Now, that being said, we are back to shopping. To do online shopping, you need a computer. If you are in the market for a computer, or just some computer products or pieces, let me suggest is a one stop shop for all the home and business office needs with the best selection of Eco-Friendly name brand products.

Products like:

Samsung Monitors: These monitors range from 19"to 46" LCD TVs and come at a reasonable price for their quality. They are also part of the Samsung organization that has come up with a biodegradable cell phone, and is starting off in the right direction for our environment.

Canon Printer Cartridges: They offer toner refills which allow for less waste from used cartridges. They also launched the Generation Green Brand of printer products and solutions. Its claim is to reduce the need for paper and other raw materials in the packaging, reducing 50% carbon emissions, as well as other simple reductions for our planet.

HP Desktops: Everything from the full computer to casings used to make your own computer.

Other Monitors: They also carry a good number of other monitors, ranging from a 15” all the way up to a 84” presentation monitor. I want one of these, for no other reason than I can sit on the other side of the room and blog! But I digress…. has a great number of Eco-conscious companies that they sell for who carry high end and respectable computer products. Companies like Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and Sun who are setting up an environmental project called The Green Grid. The project aims to reduce power and cooling requirements in computer data centers.

Remember, the holiday season is coming up in four months, shopping online is easier than ever, and if you can work with companies that are trying to do their part it just adds to the great opportunities we have to improve and maintain where our environment is at currently!

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Anya said...

Nice review..! Shopping online is new lifestyle for most people in the world.