Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Noodleboro Games Review

We are a huge game playing family.

Everything from Rock, Paper, Scissors to Texas Hold 'em. We like to play things together, and with a variety of ages in the house, we can play them all and not feel silly!

Then Hasbro came out with a set of new games that:

*Promote learning while laughing
*Offers practical social skills
*Reinforces the lesson through a CD and a book

The three new games that Hasbro, Noodleboro have come out with come with directions, a book, a CD and the delightful pieces of the game.

I received the Fun Park Game the other day, and was bugged for two days before I finally sat down on the living room floor and pulled out the directions, I was immediately swarmed by three children.

My family had so much fun, this game has a Ferris wheel, a log ride and mixing carnival tops to play with, as well as a CD that goes with the game.

Simple Rules:

Every time you win one of the rides, you get a prize. The rides are guessing, matching and skill type games, they are a lot of fun even my teens kept wanting to play with them.

However, if you do one of the rides and you have already won that prize, then you can share it with a player that doesn't have it, and get a gold star on the board for sharing.

I played this with my 7 year old, 13 year old and 14 year old. I know that Faith loved it more, being the youngest. Joseph, Ashlyn and I had fun, it was a quick game and the directions were sufficient. However, I think we all need to share more, we only got two stars!!!

If you have little ones, I would suggest these games, they are almost mesmerizing for a child. Go and check out the NoodleBoro Game Demos and see what you like!

Also, Mom's, if you enter through this link in connection with Mom Central, you have the chance to win one of the games. Mom Central is raffling off 200 of them. Good luck!!
Ashlyn pouting.


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Michelle said...

We received that game too :) The first time Kayla played it with Joe she played it 3x which is great for her attention span!

Crystal said...

LOL! I love to play games with the kids too! Rock, paper, scissors we play if we're bored in the car waiting on the bus and Go fish, regular cards, Sorry or Connect Four...I'm the QUEEN of that one!!!