Sunday, August 3, 2008

How much clothing do you have?

This past week, I had paniced.

See.. I own three pairs of jeans.

*Normal Jeans
*Skinny Jeans
*Tore up Jeans

I had lost my normal jeans. I LOVE my normal jeans... but they were MIA.

I just folded two loads of laundry, and found my normal jeans. No idea where they had been hiding, but I'm happy now!

My kids have tons of clothing, so much in fact, they do their own.

Well, except for the youngest three, and I do theirs. They have alot of clothes, that's good for them, not so good for me, who was kicked out of my dresser 9 months ago. Now, I live out of shelves in my closet.

At least they have variety....

How many clothes do you have? Are you a clothing Diva? Do you have more clothes than you know what to do with?


Rose said...

Oh the clothing drama that goes on over here...
I'm a year post partum, but I still can't fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes. Those live in the closet. I have all the in between size clothes. Those live on the armchair in my room.
The baby outgrows her clothes every time she sneezes and I haven't yet put everything away, or pulled out the bigger stuff. Heck, I haven't even done it for the 3 year old. It's all mixed in with my clothes on the arm chair.
And my poor husband in all this? His clothes are right there with ours. It's a pretty hopeless situation.

Lilith Silvermane said...

Yea... I'm a fanatic about putting clothes in separate boxes by size... but do I label them???


I just go back through and take them ALL out and reorganize and then put them away.

So monthly, I'm going round and round... it's silly!

Miranda said...

I have too many it seems to my husband but the reality of it is that I keep bouncing between sizes so some days some fit and the others just don't. I find it amazing how my hips can just expand like that overnight but what can you do? lol

And no problem on the help for your business. I used to own Tutu Babes and had a website, a etsy shop, two different auction shops was just too hectic and I couldn't get my schooling done but I did learn what works and what doesn't along the way. If you need any help getting set up on etsy, just let me know. I run and I'd love to get you a cute little banner to get you up and running.

Storm said...

Let's just say I could run a very well stocked re-sale shop with all our clothes and leave it at that. lol