Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nature's Path/EnviroKidz Cereal

When I was a kid my mother always fed me Cheerios, Wheaties and a variety of healthy foods. Now that I am an adult (in theory) I LOVE raisin bran. However, I am willing to branch out, as long as it’s healthy. I don’t like lots of sugar in the morning, unless it’s in my coffee, or on my cheek from my kids!

The other day I received two boxes from Camilla, after I won them on her blog giveaway. (Yes, D-Ann, I’m an addict! I like giveaways)

I was a little skeptical at first, not because I usually don’t buy organic, but because all of my friends and family turn up their nose at things like this.

First off, was the Leapin’ Lemur cereal. A chocolate peanut butter cereal that was flavorful. My friend and I rather thought it had a “plastic” flavor to it (almost like it had gotten too hot in the packaging), but other than that it was tasty.

Then the Penguin Puffs… Ladies and gentleman we have a winner! This is a fabulous cereal, flavorful and crunchy.

Review from my kids after I gave them instructions to eat two half bowls in the morning and give me the vote.

“We liked the cereal. The Leapin’ Lemur cereal was very tasty, we enjoyed it a lot. The Penguin cereal was the best. It tasted really good without the strong sugar flavor, and it stayed crunchy the whole time we ate it”

Now, something they don’t know is that this cereal is so healthy. They are Gluten Free, No synthetic pesticides, herbicides or artificial preservatives or additives.

The company that makes the cereal Envirokidz, donates 1% of sales to species and habitat conservation and education programs. So not only are you eating healthy, you are also giving back to the lemurs in Madagascar.

So, if you are looking for a healthy but flavorful cereal for your family, I would highly recommend cereals by Nature's Path.

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