Friday, June 6, 2008

Fitness On Friday #1

Well… here it is, Friday and I’m ready to weigh in officially for the first time! I just started all of this on Monday so my days are a little short! I joined this meme on this blog Bye Bye Fat Mom to help me with this, I am sooo glad I found her last week.

Luckily here where I work, they spent some money to purchase a good scale so I will be using that same one every week! (I’ll put my weight up later on when I go next door and weigh myself.)

Here is what my week looked like.

I am doing all of my workouts with Comcast on Demand. They have a great exercise channel there where I can choose my workouts and change things up.

Monday: Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred Workout.
Opinion: This is a great workout! It’s hardcore, and by the end of it I’m panting and pouring sweat, but I’m totally energetic! She is one of the greatest motivational coaches when you are working out, it’s like she knows when you want to give up, and gives you the encouragement right then. I love this workout!

Tuesday: Carmen Electra StripTease Workout
Opinion: Wow, this workout is NOT for the faint of heart. By the end of it you are hoping no one watched you because they might get the wrong idea. Carmen Electra is not the best coach or very good at leading a workout, but she looks good, and that is enough. You feel amazing afterwards though.

Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred Workout

Thursday: Ballet Butt / Slow and Sensual
Ballet Opinion: It was good, cute. Very short, only two minutes long.
Slow and Sensual Opinion: It was a basic belly dancing work out. Really nice! My daughter and I started doing it together and I was surprised how good this worked. Lots of hip movements!

I realized that I consume TOO much cholesterol. I have been using this internet food site and it has helped me figure out my food consumption and calorie count.
The site is:

My calories for each day of the week:

Monday: Net calories: 1,481
Tuesday: Net calories: 1,941
Wednesday: Net calories: 1,481

Motivational blog: This is a great article for those who have been doing this for a while, and a good one for me to come back to when I’m having issues with this weight loss!

"Losing it" with Andrea McMann

Personal Motivation: Bye Bye Fat Mom blog owner Natalie has started something for herself that I think is great. Here is her motivational concept.

~I've really been struggling to stay motivated lately. So I came up with something and I ran it by my husband last night. Starting today I'll earn 50 cents every day I work out. BUT...everyday I don't exercise I lose a dollar, I get one rest day a week. Once my total is $50 I can take the money and do whatever I want with it. Sure, it will take a long time to earn $50, but we're poor so once I earn it I'll definitely enjoy it.~

I hope this helps everyone keep going!

Take care.



Jen said...

Yay! It's great to have a new comer at Fitness on Fridays! I love finding new blogs where people are trying to stay healthy and lose weight! It's such great motivation! I didn't realize you could get work outs on Comcast on Demand! I'll have to see if Dish Network has something like that as that's cool! Thanks so much for the great post and motivation and also THANK YOU for stopping by! I love comments and love finding new blogs as I stated above. To answer your question. . . as far as weight loss goes, I've lost 18 lbs since I started up with WW again (only 7 more lbs to my original goal with WW!) I say again as I originally did WW before I had any kids and lost 45 lbs there and became a lifetime member. Then, I've gone back after each kid has been born and worked my way back to goal! It's a great "way of life". It doesn't feel like a diet at all, probably b/c it isn't! Alright, I've written a novel! Have a great week and hope to see you back at my blog. I know I'll be back to read up on yours :)

nancy said...

Good job!!! (as I sit here and stuff my face with chips and very hot salsa).

Once you start seeing your results, that is going to be motivation enough.

Bye Bye Fat Mom - HELLO hot momma!

Grace said...

hey Lilith, thanks for joining my contest at six kids, man, I could learn a lot from you!

Crystal said...

Damn girl! What a great post! I wish you the best of luck on your weight loss...Are you wanting to lose weight or just firm up? Either way, good luck with it! I get my cable today so i'll be able to check out all of the fitness channels!! I'm excited about that now that I don't have the treadmill. It was moms and she wasn't ready to part with it. I LOVELOVELOVE all the updated pictures! But, didn't you say in one of you earlier posts that you cut your hair? I WANT PICTURES! I LOVE when people cut their hair! lol!

Joanna said...

I love the Bye Bye Fat Mom's motivation! I never thought about earning money and then losing it that way. What a great idea!

I think you did great. Way to go!

Lawanda said...

Your kids are adorable! :)

You are a machine!! I only wish I could work out as much as you. I am good with walking for now, but whenever it comes time for me to step it up a notch I will keep these in mind! Thanks! ;)

Jen said...

Hey, just wanted to tell you thanks for all your sweet comments! All these blogs I read along with the comments I get truly motivate me!

I have a special award for you over at My "Losing" Motivation blog :)

Natalie said...

I hope the money motivation thing works for you. I need to amend mine. I never expected to get sick, so my husband agreed that I could take off days when I'm sick (I have strep throat). But I'm looking forward to buying a bag with my's the one thing my husband won't normally let me get. So when I exercise I picture that bag. LOL! Welcome to Fitness on Friday!