Monday, May 5, 2008

Things I learned on Monday about my children

I had a rough Monday. No, not at work, when I got home at 4:20..

What did I learn from it...

*A child's fight or flight, can cause them to do amazingly stupid things.

*If our parents were less than par, we are NOT to repeat their mistakes.

*Even the best child, can turn in a day.

*Our childs friends are not always the enemy.

*My daughter has beautiful hair.

*Pride can destroy a relationship so fast, Halt yours, children don't know how yet.

*My doves are noisy noisy creatures.

*When things go bad, a screaming baby can calm you so fast, because priorities shift.

*Nothing hurts worse than a childs betrayal.

*Sometimes, you can laugh through the tears.

*Be honest, your teenager can handle your fears.


Crystal said...

What the hell happened Lilith?! Are you okay? God bless girl, hope everything is alright with you and the kids...let me know..

Chic Shopper Chick said...

I like that you said "be honest, your teenage can handle your fears" -- how I wish my mom had thought like that! I just wanted to be in the know. That being said, I hope you take a trip to a spa soon, it sounds like you need a break. :)